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Most people come to us when they encounter a financial crossroads. This may be a specific issue, such as a receiving a pension statement, a windfall, starting a family or losing a loved one.

Alternatively, some people come to the realisation that with proper, professional planning and guidance, their financial dreams can become a reality. One client who engaged with us described it well when they said “I wouldn’t build a house without using an architect”.

Our firm belief is very much that we only use financial products if your plan shows we need to, therefore, we really have to know you before we can talk to you about your money. That is why at our first meeting, it is very much finding out about you before moving on to your finances.

"If you shoot for the stars, you'll at least hit the moon" - T. Harv Eker


Building your Financial Future


Everybody’s dream lifestyle in retirement is different and this is why all of our clients have bespoke financial plans to meet these build the resources to allow for their dream lifestyle and true financial independence.

See how we can help you along this path to living the lifestyle you desire



So, you’ve reached that point where you are looking – or even have already – decided to stop working. What does your retirement lifestyle look like?

Are you in a position to live the lifestyle you desire into retirement or more importantly, do you know the truth about your financial circumstances?

Business Owners


At Ruby Red Financial Planning we love working with business owners. You are in a unique position where you control almost all of the inputs to your financial future and tailor these to your requirements. It is therefore an area where we believe we can add significant value to both you and your business.

Sports Professionals


The financial lifecycle to sports professionals can be very different to most. There is a good chance that your earnings potential could be at its greatest at a young age – just when most of us are making our financial mistakes! It is therefore vital to plan your finances carefully to ensure you are set for life come the end of your professional career


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